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Getting Here

There are several options for travel to and from the islands. The isles of Scilly Steamship Company provide a passenger ferry and fixed wing plane service or there is a helicopter service provided by Penzance Helicopters. Please refer to their websites for information and booking.


Skybus Flights run thoughout the day with the option of flying a short 15 min flight from Lands End, 30 mins from Newquay or an hour from Exeter. For information and booking please see the isles of Scilly Travel website.


The Scillonian III ferry departs daily from Penzance quay for a two & three quarter hour crossing to St Mary's.. For details please see the isles of Scilly Travel page.


Penzance Helicopters fly from Penzance, again a short scenic 15 min flight to the islands. For further information and booking please see the  Penzance Helicopters website


If you are driving down to Penzance before continuing your travels to the islands, there are several parking facilities.Isles of Scilly Travel and Penzance Helicopters provide facilities near Penzance as does "Scilly Parking".. Airport Parking is also available at Newquay and Exeter. We recommend Isles of Scilly Parking, link below

Arriving by sea

When you arrive at St Mary's quay it is only a short walk to both Rose Cottage and Buzza Ledge..

 A wonderful local system means that appropriately labelled luggage loaded aboard the "Scillonian" in Penzance is delivered to your accommodation, removing all the hassle of collecting and transporting luggage

When you arrive at St Mary's airport, each flight is met by a mini bus. The driver will make himself known, ask if you require transport and then take you to your accommodation. The system is seamless, hassle free and does not need to be booked in advance

Arriving by air

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